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Aluminum Foundry Sand Core De-bonding

For production of aluminum castings involving sand molds and sand cores, the major economic consideration frequently addressed involves cost effective removal of sand cores and/or the sand mold. Procedyne patented fluid bed technology is a commercially demonstrated strategy to satisfy this important need effectively.

The fluid bed medium in the fluid bed furnace is the same sand as used for the sand cores and/or the sand molds. The casting with the cores and/or mold is submerged in the fluidized casting sand and the binder is thermally decomposed. The sand cores and/or sand mold becomes free flowing sand once again and the cleaned casting is removed from the fluid bed furnace.

In the fluid bed furnace, the binder free sand from the cores and/or the mold joins the fluid bed sand of the same material. An overflow port opens on a pre-set cycle and the overflowing excess sand is collected. In most cases, the temperature of operation of the furnace and the timed cycle of the overflow port are capable of providing reuseable foundry sand and the waste stream of sand and binder is eliminated.

When aluminum castings require a heat treatment following the sand core debonding and/or sand mold removal, the combined process can achieve high energy efficiency, higher quality products, and eliminates of the binder contaminated sand waste stream. Typically, the sand cored andlor mold debonding can be carried out in the same batch furnace as the sand core debonding furnace simultaneously or secquenchally uiith the debonding for a very cost effective processing of aluminum castings.

The concept of mechanically chipping away at the sand and binder of a cast aluminum part, is comparatively ineffective in an increasing number of applications.

Procedyne Series SCD sand core debonding and mold debonding furnaces for processing aluminum castings. Furnaces are available for working volumes of 3.5 cubic feet to 35 cubic feet per batch cylindrical or rectangular working chambers .

Send us your samples and observe the results in our demonstration laboratory.